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Cotswold Sheep

Health Tested Flock Selected for Conformation and Superior Fleece

Blood Sample

Health Testing

Breeding Animals

Our sheep are health tested for CL, OPP, Johne's, and Q-Fever. By testing, we are breeding and selling healthy sheep. Although there is an expense to testing, this eliminates surprises and sudden problems with health that can be detected via a blood sample.



Grown for Handspinners & Artisans

We offer whole fleeces that are low in vegetable matter. With exceptional staple length, beautiful crimp, and those lovely locks, our Cotswold fleece is a handspinner's dream. See our farm store tab for availability.



Available July 2023!

Registered Cotswold ram lamb available for breeding stock and handspinners. Lambs are available by reservation on a first come, first served basis. Just one left! Lore is correct, has a beautiful fleece, and CBA registered! Contact for price.

Cotswold Sheep: What's Happening
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